Ok, so confession time; I’m CONSTANTLY updating my craft studio.  I’ll share the details about furniture, cabinetry and storage, and try to answer all of the questions that I am usually asked when sharing this space with others. 

Did I say Constantly??

This space truly has been an evolution of my crafting choices over the past several years. In the early days, I hosted workshops for things like wreath making, building rustic wooden planter boxes, shabby signs, and sewing. Then a couple of years ago I discovered paper crafting. Little by little, I upgraded lighting and added cabinets for storage and then added a smart tv, changed out my seating (that JUST happened about a month ago:). This room truly has been a labor of love and not something that happened overnight. Actually, when I first purchased my home, my son was in heaven when I said he could have this for his bedroom. While it’s spacious, it’s still in the basement and I certainly didn’t want my bedroom in a basement. Years later, he grew up and moved out… and I moved in 🙂

I can now seat 12 ladies, 14 in a pinch.

Because this is still a basement room, I opted for lots of recessed and overhead lighting, all white cabinetry and storage, and decided to push the tables up to the wall to allow for more “open” space.

My light box is actually set up in my laundry room, just outside of my craft studio. Nothing fancy and doesn’t take up a lot of space and I can easily stow it away when I have to do chores 🙂

Here, I’ve stacked 2 “Alex” cabinets from Ikea. This little beauty houses all of my embellishments, heat embossing powders and tools, buttons and tidbits, and overflow “stuff”. Every. Single. Drawer is PACKED with goodies and not every drawer is neat and tidy…


This is the Business Center; -where the paperclips and post-it’s and business cards and such -hang out. The table is from Martha Stewart and her craft room furniture line. There’s a top portion to this table… I removed it and it now sits on top of my cabinets… in between the ink pads and the punches. About a year ago, my husband installed a smart TV for me. This has been a wonderful addition to the space because now I’m able to pull up Youtube videos and Pinterest pages for an even larger view of whatever inspo is leading my  latest project. It also looks really cool 🙂 Plus, I can pull up videos during my classes.


This is my sewing station. In addition to quilting blankets, I also LOVE stitching on paper!

And who doesn’t NEED 4,218 rolls of washi tape??!

Here, I’ve got my stamparatus, 2 bigshots; 1 for emossing and 1 for die cutting. And we don’t mix them up. Embossing folders and dies are stored in baskets in the cabinet below. Keeps things tidy..


The ink-pad holders and punch holders are from a company called Stamp N Storage. And I think I need to buy a few more units because I’m officially out of space!

Here, I have 3 SAFECO paper storage units stacked; 1-24 compartment unit and 2-36 compartment units. I found them on Amazon and they’re just perfect for all this pretty paper!

These tables! -were free 🙂 They’re actually oversized desks that my company was getting rid of… and i gladly took them! As they are set up here, I can comfortably seat 12, 14 in a pinch, and 16 if I slide them out from the wall. AND I LOVE THEM!! I won’t tell you what I had for seating before. The chairs were another Amazon purchase but don’t go looking for them, I bought the last of them before they were discontinued.

And how about this built-in?? It came with the house but I sure made good use of the space 🙂 All current stamps are on the top shelf and in the baskets below. The middle shelf are my retired favorites that I just can’t part with yet.

In addition to the cabinetry and shelving pieces, for storage options, I prefer all white baskets and boxes. It looks clean but as I continue to add pieces, it still matches, which I love!

And then there’s everything else 🙂

This space also has a 1/2 bath so if I wanted to stay in here for hours on end… I could! Its nothing fancy but just perfect for rinsing stamps, washing up, and … well, -getting back to the business of stamping -Just need to figure out how to convince my hubs to serve my meals in here!

And last but not least… so many have said “your space is so clean, how do you do it?” -Well. What happened was…. I spent nearly 2 hours cleaning up before these photos were taken. And I have a secret closet. The door never gets opened during classes and I’m a tiny bit ashamed to admit that this is the cleanest this closet has ever been.

We all craft differently. My brain requires order and tidy-ness and a place for everything. When I’m in the thick of it, my studio is a HOT MESS! And when I’m not “in the thick of it”.. I like putting everything back in its’ home for next time. Trust me, this space gets messy! I just take a little time and tidy up when I’m done. Thanks for looking!

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