Todays’ post is quite possibly one of the most difficult and challenging things that I’ll share on this blog. But that’s real life and there are times when we need to face sadness, struggles, and loss. Today is one of those days. My very dear friend Patty, has been battling cancer for several years and just last week she lost that battle. Patty’s daughter Jennie, has been my friend since childhood. I have so many fond memories with Patty and Jennie, and Jennie never complained once that she had to share her mom with me. Patty was the mom I never had, but always needed.


In earlier years, I fondly recall getting into trouble with Jennie, praying her parents didn’t find out, and laughing about those silly things for many years to come. Patty was an avid baker and I SO enjoyed baking with her, making meals to take to the homeless shelter, gathering gifts for needy children at Christmas, planning Jennies wedding and then my own, birthdays, anniversaries, the happy times and the sad, crafting, and card-making; we did it all. Patty was an AVID crafter and loved all kinds of crafts, especially card-making. I will always keep those memories close to my heart.


Patty loved making special cards for her children, grandchildren, and family  and would often ask me “what do you think about this” or “how would you make this card better”. She would spend hours on Pinterest, finding just the right inspiration, and then she would go to work! She loved making the most special and personalized cards. She would choose particular colors for each of her grand babies, or the Spiderman theme that one of the grandsons was into at the time. She always had a gift of making others feel special and loved.

Patty had her own seat in my craft studio (she’s a lefty) and always sat next to me. I took for granted that she’d always be there, in that seat, right next to me.  I sure do wish I made more time to have her over to create pretty things… something we all wish we were better at one time or another.

 Heaven gained an angel and I knew that I needed to make my sweet friend Jennie a special sympathy card in honor of her mom. Today I won’t be sharing tips, tricks, techniques, or even a supply list.  Just a card for my special friend Jennie, in remembrance of her momma. Sympathy cards are always the most difficult to create, to write words of encouragement and love, and the most difficult to send. This one, especially. I hope that Jennie knows just how special her mom was to me and many, many others.

I have since decided to retire that seat in my craft studio , as it will forever be reserved for Momma Patty, which I affectionately called her.

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